Isabelle Razis

About Isabelle

Who am I: Isabelle, proud mother of 3, Greek and French origins.

Who am I, really? Or – better said – HOW do I live my life?
Well, no standards for me please! no static way or static answer applies to me. I have learned to readjust and reconsider myself continuously! To find the right Balance in all sectors of my life. To Connect with myself and others and to Act in order to live every day to the fullest. Go with the flow you might add.


What’s my lifestyle?

When I finished college in Athens and later on in my 20ies, I needed a strong education and a steady career, probably to please my family (isn’t it often the case?) or fill in certain gaps I felt as a kid. This led me to receive my Law Degree in Paris, pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in International Law and later on to become a lawyer and work for more than 10 years as a corporate lawyer in demanding international organizations and under extremely challenging conditions. So technically, I did what most 20 year-olds do: work to the fullest, burn myself out to achieve more, learn more, in an attempt to recoup my study expenses. Later on, in my early 30ies, I met the man of my life and got married. I became a mum of 3 very quickly and adapted well to my new leaf of life which became increasingly exciting since we took the brave decision back in 2003 to move to Russia and live the life of the ex-pat outside our comfort zone. The sense of adventure was always in my genes. After all, what else is there to keep us alive and going?

Multiple Career





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So challenge yourself

Do you feel you have lost control of the essentials and this has a direct impact on your health due to your hectic way of life or inactivity? Have you lost a part of the Balance in your life? Can you identify the emotional sensations that have an effect on your physical condition? Do you need to be more Connected with yourself and others? Do you struggle with losing weight and have tried all possible diets and nothing seems to work? Do you feel you know what to do to feel better with yourself and others but never find the right time and inner strength to take action? Do you need to return to the essentials as you mature in age? Have you lost confidence in yourself and your potential? Do you have specific health goals to accomplish and need support? Do you often feel you can’t optimize your time and align with your goals and priorities? Have you tried it all and still continuously lose faith in yourself? Is it the right time to Act towards the healthier and happier version of yourself?

My Vision

I support busy middle-age parents struggling with strenuous deadlines and heavy responsibilities, kids’ education, continuous travels and feeling that years go by too quickly, so that they can regain their energy and Balance and rediscover and and Connect with themselves and others, allowing them to age in harmony and to Act towards a healthier and happier life

My Yoga Story

I discovered Yoga by chance a few years ago and since then it has been a real love affair!

Yoga has taught me so much about myself, my body’s limitations and potential, how my body is deeply connected with my mind through my breath and my mind’s resilience.

Yoga has shown me the way to find the necessary balance in my life.

Physical activity is not only about running, sweating and loosing your breath. It is mostly about understanding and feeling your body’s sensations and discovering each inch of your muscles, bones, tendons and skin. It is about creating the necessary conditions to develop your physical potential and also about learning to say no, pause and reflect what is happening inside in order to go a step further.

This continuous desire to go one step further made me want to take a yoga certification and today I am so proud of myself that I did it! At the age of 53!