Isabelle Razis

Career Change Retreat in Paros, Greece

May 26, 2021
Isabelle Razis

Retreat Details

Are you stuck in a career that isn’t you? Do you feel wasted while at work? Are you ready for a career change but have no idea where to take Action and start from?

This can be a very anxious and terrifying phase in life, even a stage of emptiness, suffering and confusion.

Making a career change isn’t easy. It requires time reflection, inspiration, Connection with yourself and advice from specialists.

Finding the time and space to dismantle your old career, attitudes and even opinions and then provide space within yourself for the creative Act of constructing a new life and career is an absolutely essential step. While spending a few days at MakMore – our exclusive and luxurious getaway sanctuary -, you are invited to finding that peace and quiet times through beautiful walks and gentle yoga, mindfulness practice and eating natural homemade food. Also, Connection with like-minded people and receiving professional advice from specialists will be a life-changing experience that will help you find the Balance you need in your professional life.

The unspoiled nature, the majestic beaches and the turquoise waters of Paros island together with the clear intention and mission of our team to guide you through your genuine self and your ideal career path will open you up to transformation. You will make some time to allow yourself to slow down, you will stop your activities and your thinking and at the same time, be driven by external inspiring forces.

We will also show you how to make a list of your inherent strengths and interests and how they could translate to an inspiring career. We will help you discover your career options and what are the tools to find the work you love!

In that process, you will be guided and looked after by an experienced team of certified Health Coaches, experienced Human Resources specialists, Cognitive and Personality Psychologists and Meditation mentors that will help you understand and find the practical and essential ways you can evolve and change towards a career move based on yourself.

What is Included

– 4 nights’ accommodation in single or double rooms at MakMore Villa
– 1 yoga session per day
– daily meditation
– 2 fresh vegan or non-vegan meals per day and healthy snacks throughout the day all prepared by Mediterranean food specialists
– water and non-alcoholic beverages
– lecture by our Human Resources’ specialist with practical tips
– lecture by our Personality and Cognitive Psychologist with practical exercises
– time for walks, relaxation and exchange with peers
– all transports on the island based on a schedule
– Guided Tour at Naoussa village

Retreat Host: Isabelle Razis

Together with my team, I strive to make my guests feel constantly at home. My main concern is to make them feel a genuine atmosphere of warmth and care and make sure that nothing is missing so that their stay is memorable and suited to their needs and above their expectations.

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