Isabelle Razis

5 Day Yoga Retreat & Mediterranean Nutritional Food in Paros, Greece

September 23-27, 2021
Isabelle Razis

This is our location in Paros

Retreat in Paros: Details

Isabelle Razis & MakMore Villa, an exclusive and luxurious sanctuary, invites you to stimulate your body and spirit genuinely. The unspoiled nature, the majestic beaches and the turquoise waters of Paros island together with the clear intention and mission of our team to guide you through the healthier and happier version of yourself will be a unique experience. You will be guided and looked after by an experienced team of Health & Life Coaches, Yoga teachers, meditation Mentors, Mediterranean and plant-based food Specialists and Chefs and organic food Local producers. Our holistic approach will help you regain the Balance in your life, Connect with yourselves and others through specific Actions. At the end of the time you spend with us, you will feel invigorated, and all senses of your body and mind will be intrinsically operating together to achieve full body and mind deep connection through a life transformational process.

You will practice Yoga daily with respect to your level and preferences with particular emphasis on connecting with nature through our bodies. Yoga practice will take place at the fantastic premises of Villa MakMore but also on the nearby beach. You will be able to experience the magic of what is happening when we slow down and put our bare feet on the earth and breath fresh mountain and marine air while practising our preferred asanas and postures. We will have Yoga lessons all led by certified and experienced Yoga teachers.

You will be able to practice meditation and experience how the mental stillness in meditation practice is created. By bringing the body, mind and senses into Balance, meditation relaxes the nervous system, improves cell health, balances hormone levels and reduces blood pressure.

We will teach you the secrets of Mediterranean food, and you will immerse yourself in a culinary and cultural experience of the Greek lifestyle. You will learn more about the benefits of olive oil and some of the local delicacies. You will find out how despite the dry soil of the Cyclades, the local producers develop eggplant, zucchini, wild greens, aromatic herbs, bean and honey varieties, capers, olives, figs, grapes, tomatoes, local cheese and so much more savoury delicacies. There will be room for vegetarians since we are open to all food preferences. Hence, you will be able to cook Greek traditional dishes using local, simple and raw ingredients produced with respect to the laws of nature. You will have a wine tasting session at one of the most renowned vineyards of Greece with rare and indigenous organic wine varieties.

We will explain to you with short lectures presented by our certified Health and Life coach how our B-C-A method can benefit your health and your wellbeing.

At the end of the retreat, you will feel truly rejuvenated while also will acquire a deeper understanding of Mediterranean food and culture.

What’s Included

  • 4 nights/5 Days accommodation in single or double rooms at MakMore Villa
  • 2 yoga sessions per day
  • 1 photo walk session at Lefkes village
  • Hiking throughout some of the most scenic hiking trails of Paros
  • Daily meditation
  • Morning Pages exercice
  • Circle of Life Workshop
  • 2 fresh meals per day and healthy snacks throughout the day all prepared by Mediterranean food specialists
  • water and non-alcoholic beverages
  • wine tasting
  • lecture on the BCA method by our certified Health Coach
  • tour at the local farm and producer
  • time for relaxation and exchange with peers
  • all transports on the island based on a schedule
  • Swimming and at sea and the pool (weather permitting)
  • WiFi connection

Room Types

  • Tier 4: Double Blue Rooms [ 1.200 Euros/person]
  • Tier 3: Single Blue Rooms [ 1.500 Euros/person]
  • Tier 2: Double En Suite Olive Rooms [2.000 Euros/person]
  • Tier 1: Single En Suite Olive Rooms [ 2.500 Euros/person]

Retreat Host: Isabelle Razis

Together with my team, I strive to make my guests feel constantly at home. My main concern is to make them feel a genuine atmosphere of warmth and care and make sure that nothing is missing so that their stay is memorable and suited to their needs and above their expectations.

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Safe post COVID travel and stay

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing change in how we travel. With new social protocols required of us all, and the need for infection risk to be seriously managed, post covid travel requires a level of sincerity and care that one would see in a family, and this is where a stay at a retreat at MakMore Villa provides you with the peace of mind you require. We are your homes in Greece.
Despite all the challenges, you can be sure that MakMore team will provide you with quality, safe and life changing experiences.
Hence, all the experiences related with the proposed retreat are COVID-free so that our guests can truly relax and engage with our hosts and fellow guests. Though travellers arriving in Greece must present a negative PCR test taken within 72hours of departure to enter the country, MakMore takes extra precautions, requiring a negative test result taken within 72 hours of check-in at the retreat, providing for mandatory control with rapid tests upon check in and requiring daily temperature checks. Same applies for all retreat’s participants. The upside: as long as guests and participants receive negative test results and remain symptom free, they can roam the villa without a mask, just as they would in the pre-pandemic days.

Are you interested in designing your own private retreat?

Let’s design your own private retreat, either a solo retreat or a group retreat for the people you will choose. A simple, affordable and meaningful way to reconnect, rejuvenate and reset, during these Covid times.
All activities and workshops are led by certified and experienced specialists.

Indicative activities & workshops :

– Healing Literature 
– Healing through mosaic art
– Find your Strengths 
– DISC Assessment
– Build relationships and navigate challenges
– Focus on the “Heart of the Matter”  
– Cycling tour
– CrossFit, TRX
– Running Lab
– Sailing & water sports