Isabelle Razis

Feminine and Masculine Energy; Being or doing? Yang or Yin? Go for both!

This is not the same as being a man or a woman. Regardless of the gender everybody has masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energy. Actually, everything surrounding us have both of it in spite of the fact that our world today is generally masculine but has the tendency to lean towards more femininity. The question is how much of each and is it balanced?

Feminine energy is the one that makes us create, that keep our intuition levels up, connected with an internal feeling, full of empathy, compassion, spirituality, empathy, an energy of being.

Masculine energy is the opposite. It allows us to do things, take risks, Act. It is an external strength that is continuously in action, dominating, assertive, in the movement.

Sometimes, imbalances of these energies show up in a person or a society. This is when masculine energy is unbalanced. For instance on one hand, when the masculine energy is imbalanced, we face behaviours leading to dominancy, over control, perfectionism, aggressivity, too much result oriented, overly competitive. On the opposite when too much feminine energy, we can have low self esteem, indecisiveness, passivity, weakness, giving up to quickly, timidity, weakness.

It is important to understand that neither of these energies is greater or weaker than the other. Both are powerful when fully and well expressed. They live in harmony when they are being balanced by the other. Masculine energy is more powerful with the support of the feminine and vice versa. The yin-yang symbol demonstrates this idea perfectly.

When following our goals and intentions it is very important to focus on both energies. Our feminine energy will help us be more creative, intuitive and allow self transformation and the masculine one will push us towards an action plan.

Integrating some of each in our daily lives can be made possible following some simple daily exercises. For example if our feminine energy is low we can sit down for 10 minutes and write down any ideas that come in our mind, then circle the ideas that seem more inspiring and aligned with your vision. Then invoke your masculine energy by putting down the structure, the time frame, the people that will help you. There are also fun ways to engage one or the other. Accept compliments with a simple thank you. Let your friend take the lead for a restaurant or a trip. Try a creative activity, such as pottery, drawing, dancing, decorating. Engage in a community project. Fun ways to engage your masculine energy is by having a more intense workout, call a friend you haven’t seen for a long time, clean an area of your house (drawer, closet), try a new hobby or attend to an event you like.

Live a life with Balance, Connect with your desires and then Act.

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