Isabelle Razis

Morning Pages and Raw Emotions

The power of the first thoughts and emotions on paper in the morning just after waking up is immense. It sparkles creativity and inspiration.
The first time I heard of morning pages, I wasn’t convinced of the power of this tool. It sounded somehow a bit silly. But after slightly pushing my self, I now use it whenever I feel stuck in something, or I need to clear my mind, and it has often help me significantly.
This first feeling in the morning when you aren’t entirely awake, still a bit unconscious and dazed from your night sleep, is a perfect nest to create raw emotions and translate them in words and action plans based on our inner world.

Early morning pages are this light of consciousness written on a journal first thing in the morning. Keep it on your bedside table with pen and grab it when you open your eyes and start putting on the paper your raw thoughts and emotions.
In the beginning, you can start with what you remember from your dreams. It might be simple recollections, but, then, as you train the muscle of your brain, day by day, a sense of creativity and closeness to your inner self arises; acceptance and readiness to go deeper and find what is to be revealed from your subconscious.

Write down also the things that went well the day before. Usually, our mind focuses on the what is not going well, but, by writing down how much you laughed with your bestie last afternoon on the phone for a couple of minutes, or that hug that your son gave you before going to sleep, or even that great movie you saw last night, you create a sense of positivity. You will attract more of it, day by day. Try to think also of more significant reasons why you are grateful, i.e. to have home and food, to live in a democratic country, to have access to education and freedom.

Then just let the flow go and write down at your pace, whatever passes your mind, nobody will be reading this, so you don’t mind. It can be dramatic or simplistic. The writing style is yours—long or short sentences. No judgement applies here. You will be surprised how revealing this process can be, it is a form of meditation. Creativity may arise from your inner-self and a sense of feeling really what’s going right, what’s going wrong and what you could improve. Naturally, you will have the tendency to remedy towards a more happy and healthy life.

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