Isabelle Razis

Joy Cultivation in Everyday Life

Joy Cultivation in Everyday Life

Joy isn’t simply the absence of sadness, pain or suffering. It’s a deep experience of inward peace and intense momentary happiness arising when our life aligns with our core values. 


Often, people feel stuck in their lives, their homes and even their social life. This heavy heart feeling where soul feels dry and empty has a huge impact on people’s every day activities.

This emotion is also called anhedonia and often arises from the disability to experience pleasure. Most of the times, this state of being has a serious impact on people’s motivation to work and appears in professional environment with severe consequences in people’s working relations and productivity. Even-more, the inability to feel joy and pleasure is often a symptom of depression as well as other mental health disorder. 

This is not a one-way street and the power is in everyone’s hands to decide on how to get over this unpleasant situation. Helping the work force by giving that necessary small push in a conscious and consistent way and taking care of the emotional state of mind and mental wellbeing of the working capacity will increase the productivity of the work force as a whole and will create an immense feeling of belonging in a human corporation. 

Joyful, productive, engaged staff will appreciate the meaning and purpose of their work and will be more beneficial for their organization as a whole. Increasing the awareness of the workers’ values and goals will help them realizing their passions and goals. Keeping a work force happy and satisfied in this direction will have an immediate impact on their sense of corporate’s participation. 

The feeling of Joy can be created consciously and some daily meaning and valued living exercises can be applied. This will have a corporate joyful ripple effect. 

There are ways to include Joy consciously in life and Joy isn’t hard to find! In fact, it’s all around us if we open yourself to it. Small moments of joy can spark great changes in our mood and health. All is needed is taking conscious action and let it be around us and empower it to take more place in our life, not with obsession but with awareness. 

The more we get used to this mindset and approach the more the levels of Joy will increase inside of us and around us since Joy creates a ripple effect of Joy to our daily surrounding.

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