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Learn how the Balance Connect Act (BCA) method can be your true ally for your Health Journey. It doesn’t matter where you are based, since I offer my programs online.
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4 weeks | one-to-one coaching

Together we will give to your life the right turn by applying the main principles of my BCA method. Though a few sessions and a short period of time, you will regain the energy you seem to have lost and you will feel rebooted and move back to right direction.

I will help you to re-integrate healthy life style choices and you will soon recover a balanced lifestyle and a deep connection with yourself towards a long lasting general feeling of wellbeing.

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12 weeks | one-to-one coaching

Together, we will transform your health for all time by applying my BCA method.

Through a relation of trust with me, you will discover the root cause of your health concerns.

A feeling of unbalance in the main areas of your life or an apprehension to a harmonious ageing process or even a need to find alignment between your professional life and your life’s core values, sometimes have an impact on our emotional and physical health.

This personalized program will allow you to be gently guided with specific steps based on my BCA method and principles through a life changing experience which will make you feel reenergized and deeply connected with the healthier and happier version of your true self.

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Minigroup 6 people | group coaching

Within a small context of 6 persons, we will intimately and collectively focus on goal setting towards a fun way to grow in a non-judgmental discourse. Each session will be framed by a clear intention and specific action steps will be discussed and agreed applying BCA principles and method. Throughout the sessions you will be feeling accountable and you will make personal progress collectively but also individually. At the end, you will be able to recover a balanced lifestyle towards a long lasting general feeling of wellbeing and connectivity. Learn more

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