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Wellness Retreats – 5 reasons why they are popular

The genuine need for self-development and self-improvement, both mentally and physically, is growing more and more. Although we are aware of the multiple benefits of healthy habits, we can’t integrate them with consistency in our daily lives. Hence, healthy habits, as sleeping well, daily physical activity, balanced eating habits, regular meditation, training our brain and creativity, and enhancing specific skills or even getting closer to a life change are often very challenging. We set goals that we are unable to accomplish, and we see this as a weakness. Often this process triggers anxiety and chronic stress. Indeed, our daily lives are too complex and loaded with obligations, and it seems impossible to integrate more “to-dos”!  

Hence, choosing a Wellness Retreat as a holiday’s destination seems ideal when we have decided that time is mature to take serious care of ourselves. The time we dedicate to our holidays can combine to accomplish specific goals related to our mental and physical health or become the trigger to make an essential change in our lives. In other words, when we spend our holidays away from our daily obligations, we can concentrate on our objectives and intentions.  

For all these reasons, we already notice in the 2021’s tourist map the tendency to choose thematic holidays, and more wellbeing escapes far from cities and crowded destinations, closer to nature with environmentally friendly activities. After weeks and months of being restrained in our houses, the desire for getting away is enormous. Most travellers are more likely to combine their holidays with one of a kind experiences integrating wellness and self-improvement concepts. 

More specifically, what are the benefits of Wellness Retreats? 

  • Getting into the right mindset, give yourself the time to reflect and restart. 

A Wellness Retreat is not just a holiday’s destination but an opportunity to reconnect with yourself. It can even provoke the trigger for a genuine transformation. During the traditional way we spend our holidays, we often have the tendency, in the name of “relaxation”, to eat more, develop bad sleeping habits, concentrate on other’s needs, be physically lazy. More generally, we are more passive or reconstitute the pattern we apply in our daily lives. As a result, we return from our holidays being even more tired than before! 

  • Connection with nature 

Most retreats are located close to nature and are environmentally friendly. This authentic connection with nature facilitates the total disruption with all our worries that usually occupy our minds and lives and constitute a source of inspiration and a supportive frame and space to make a “pause” towards a new beginning with less stress. 

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  • Access to specialists 

Most of the retreats offer yoga practice and meditation. Nowadays, we see the development of other thematic retreats proposing educational seminars and interactive multidisciplinary workshops (i.e. creativity through drawing, photography or mosaic art; change career support; one to one coaching, group coaching, etc.). Therefore, you can choose the retreat that supports better your needs and the improvements you want to see in your life, your personal goals and values, and the activities that better fit you. 

  • Wellness retreats are all-inclusive 

Feeling tired after a long winter and having to manage and be responsible for planning our lives and the lives of others, the all-inclusive option brings immediate relaxation and a carefree sense of mind. The only thing you have to do is choose your dates and the theme you prefer. 

  • Immediate integration in an open community with like-minded persons | Real connection, brainstorming and exchange on issues that matter.

 One of the good things is that you can plan your holidays alone if you don’t want to spend your holidays with family or friends, and you will never feel lonely. By choosing a reliable retreat, there will be an open community that will welcome you and, if you want, you may meet new people. If you wish to be with a friend or a family member, you are more than welcome! And you can even plan and design your retreat with a group of friends! In any case, you will always have the time and opportunity to spend genuine moments with the group but also yourself for self-reflection and authentic self-care. 

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