Isabelle Razis

What are the 4 Wellness trends for 2021?

In 2020, we were taught that we couldn’t play with our health. We realized that it is a duty to ourselves to take good care of our body, mind, and soul and that if you abandon any of them, you are vulnerable to diseases. 

In 2020, we changed many habits; the way we live, train, eat, rest, meditate, take care of ourselves, and connect with our surroundings has changed dramatically. 

In general, we notice worldwide a more holistic approach to health. The human being is seen as a whole where the body, the mind and the emotions are communicating vessels influencing one another. This approach has been accepted by the vast majority of the scientific community. There is a growing need to identify the cause of the disease instead of treating the symptom with overmedication. Simply said, we should not just aim to reduce or disrupt pain signals or block the sign but treat the symptoms’ underlying cause. This approach might be more delicate or time-consuming, but it makes more sense and embraces what healing is all about in most cases. 

  • More specifically, the impact of 2020 on fitness habits is noticeable. Fitness clubs have closed, and alternative forms of fitness have appeared in our homes. Here, there is a more holistic and friendly approach that applies to how we should exercise. It seems that the old times when we exhausted ourselves physically every time we went at the gym are passed and replaced by a more gentle way and adapted to each person’s needs, emotional state and bio-individuality. In some countries, it appears that traditional fitness methods are preferred and still actual, but a different approach to fitness definitely prevails. We are getting familiar with yoga or Pilates class on Zoom with our Pre-Pandemic teacher who adapted very well to the new way of doing things (see for ex. «Zen Lab Yoga» with Athina Tzika in Athens). And, we also have the option to practice with worldwide known teachers at a relatively low price thanks to many international platforms and applications (see for ex. «Pilates any time», «Akt Motion», «Asanarebel» etc.). The use of so-called «wearable devices» in fitness is booming, mainly due to the playful intention and the sense of competition created amongst its users. In 2020, many persons started preferring exercising outdoors for obvious reasons, and we notice more and more runners, walkers, climbers, bikers and even winter swimmers. Especially in warmer countries, this is an option which is so easy and more pleasant; it is no secret that exercising outdoors not only is great for our bodies but also our minds due to the unique emotions that connecting with nature provokes! There is no reason for this trend to stop even if the Pandemic disappears. 

  • Changes in our eating habits are also significant. Our relation with our kitchens is slowly improving, and at last, we find more time and pleasure to explore new aliments and healthy recipes. We finally have more and more the tendency to listen to our bodies and understand that there are no fits all solutions. A food that could be one’s medicine is another’s poison. A perfect example is dairy products -a yoghurt can be an excellent snack for one person, but, to another one, it can create nausea or cramps or bloat due to lactose intolerance. Same is noticed with gluten protein. It might be passable to eat food with gluten for some persons, but it can create allergies, diseases, or unease to others. More generally, it appears that most of us have learned to observe our bodies and the reactions of our organs to certain types of food or at least we are more conscious of that process. More particularly, the trend is to promote sustainable food choices respecting our planet, and there will definitely be a general preference in more authentic and reliable products and marks. Also, we notice an increased inclination to flexible and new packaging forms that are considered more environmentally friendly. In general, we will more and more opt for food that offers a sense of wellness and useful for our bodies and our immune systems. For the same reason, concepts such as «local food» and «grow your own food» will become more popular. 

  • The importance of having a good sleep is nowadays totally recognized. The difference one feels by waking up fully recharged makes a huge difference. We now have scientific evidence that a lack of adequate sleep and rest is one of the first causes of chronic diseases. We are so much more effective and constructive when we take the time to recharge. Unless you have a genetic mutation and only 1 to 1.5% of the population does, and they don’t need a lot of sleep, the vast majority of us need 7 to 9 hours of sleep per day. Our brain clears all the toxins that have been accumulated during the day. And if we don’t sleep enough, it has a huge impact on our cognitive performance. So we don’t gain anything if we think that we will be more productive by being up more hours. On the contrary, when we sleep well, we regain calm, we avoid stress, bad mood and exhaustion. Also, after a good night sleep, we usually make better food choices. Our body is in better condition to exercise, we control better our lives, and our relationships aren’t suffering. All the above are components of a happy and complete life. The trend is to opt for natural ways to improve our sleep such as breathings, short meditation sessions, essential oils and herbal teas. 
  • In my opinion, learning how to accept ourselves and be gentle and kind to ourselves is a trend that will prevail. In 2020, the sources of pressure and stress were numerous, and it is now time to relax and, more generally, accept the idea that there is no perfection. Learning how to love ourselves and observe our weaknesses without judging them is critical to achieving wellness. For the same reason, big plans and unattainable objectives that do not seem realistic but also not useful to our personal development will be left aside for some time. Instead of that, we should improve the areas that we feel we can control better while also offering ourselves small satisfactions by increasing our self-confidence with little challenges.

2021 will be a year of generosity and health care to ourselves with the conviction that by simple daily changes and with the right support and belief system, we will climb the stairs to lead us to a happier, healthier and more balanced life! 

Isabelle Razis

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