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My method is threefold: BALANCE – CONNECT – ACT

Always bear in mind that I tested my method on me. My life. I found MY BALANCE after MY CONNECTION with myself through my ACTIONS. So, it’s a tried and proved method and really works. With some changes and adjustments to suit your life, make it your own! The result is still the same. We all have the same goal. To live a better, healthier, happier, a more humane life. So, keep it together!


I keep using the word Balance, because this is the key! Balance harmoniously allows all elements in nature to coexist and, in the same way, a balanced life readjusts all the forces in our body and soul allowing us tolive happily. More precisely, the main sectors of our life we should focus on improving are:

✔️Personal Health and Selfcare 




✔️Social life 

Routinely, our career and family drain us of time and energy, leaving but crumbs for all other sides of us. But how can we be creative, productive and in the long run happy, if we don’t dedicate equal time and energy to other parts of ourselves? Time and energy for our social life, our long-lasting education, for exercising our body and nourishing our spirit; balance in finance, responsibilities, needs. And of course proportionately! That is, without weighing the scales on one side or the other. Only if all areas are in balance can we be led to a healthier, happier, more creative life. Balance allows us to enjoy things in life. Vital things. Truly happy moments, peace of mind, with creativity and imagination. Imagine a life without imagination… that would never work. We need magic in our lives, as much as we need food and water. Always bear that in mind. 



Of course through the self-awareness process. And connection with your true self. The inner and genuine version of yourself. Through the process of self-awareness, you learn to love and embrace yourself exactly as you are, keeping it intact! You learn your physical and mental bio-individuality. Knowing our strengths and deescalating our weaknesses is a key element along the way. Following true self awareness, I start communicating first with myself and then with those around me, may they be beloved ones or just acquaintances. I build my relationships with other people. After all, man is a social being only when in close connection with other people. Loneliness is not a human characteristic even if solitude may often be a necessity for many of us!


Time to take some ACTION!

So, once we get to know ourselves, in full love and acceptance, we need to take a step further. Go to plan B. We must ACT. WE must take some ACTION involving moves, changes, thoughts, and reorientations. We should change things we don’t like. We should better add in people, foods, hobbies, activities that make us feel happy and fulfilled. In turn, avoid toxic people, relationships, situations or environments. We should closely listen to our body, our inner self, our needs (not others’) and take a step further towards our aspirations. Then, set goals. Clear, realistic goals, not utopian ones that will only stress and distract you from your target objective and the big picture. Hence, we need to take baby steps, no need for leaps! As long as they are in the right direction. There is no need for leaps! Baby steps will serve equally well!. And clearly have a time frame to achieve and accomplish them. Those that you have no intention of implementing there is no reason to set them. There should be a solid action plan and a realistic time frame. Time management is the key to true Balance. Everybody and everything may be distracting. You must stick to the plan and commit to yourself. Eyes on your goals! Commit to yourself about what you are going to make! Commit to yourself about taking ACTION! We are going to make it!


Dare to challenge yourself ? 

Respond to the following questions in this short quiz to see if you are up for it. Feel free to send me your answers anytime. I will not judge! I will listen and be honest! I am telling you right from the start, I don’t have all the answers. There is no recipe for happiness or successful living. But we will find a way. YOUR UNIQUE WAY. And we are going to make it through TOGETHER!

What is an Integrative Health Coach? 

How can I actually help you? 

For starters, only you can actually help yourself. By turning to me, ’ll be standing right by your side along the way. Believe that before we go any further.

All coaches help their clients reach their full potential by raising awareness, making connections, identifying patterns, confining restrictive viewpoints, implementing a growth mindset and offering strengths-based support. What clearly defines a Health Coach is that the focus lies specifically on health. A Health Coach is a supportive mentor who assists clients feel their best through food and lifestyle changes, as well as personalized one-on-one motivation.

Do I need a Health Coach?

Ask yourself the question..

Is losing weight your goal? Boosting your energy levels? Optimizing your health? Tuning in with yourself? Aging well? Do you sometimes feel stuck with yourself?

A Health Coach can help you find the right answers and a lot more than that! A Health Coach is a specialist in the area of human transformation and will encourage you to live your life at its best!

A Health Coach…

Will listen to your concerns, help you find the steps you have to take towards the accomplishment of your goals and aspirations.

Will help you navigate through all nutrition -related theories and personal development techniques, tools and tips, always in compliance with your personality and bio-individuality.

Will teach you how to turn into an expert in yourself and guide you free of criticism and negativity!!

In an era during which lifestyle-related diseases are spiking, taking good care of ourselves stands as an emergency, Health Coaches provide the nutritional and lifestyle guidance individuals desperately need to find their way back to their indiidual health. If only everybody would realize that!

The Best for the Best 

There are various types of Health Coach Certifications out there, but the most recognized one is the one awarded by the Integrate Institute of Nutrition of New York. At IIN, they teach you for a year more than 100 different nutrition theories and plenty of lifestyle coaching techniques. On its completion, the Health Coach is fully qualified to offer support and mentorship in a holistic way to people who feel in need of guidance along the way to a healthier and more vibrant life. Be informed that I have graduated from IIN and I can’t wait to work with you towards a better, healthier and happier life.

So Stay With Me Every Step of the Way. Let’s start the journey together!