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Balance derives from proper handling of the 4 core pillars in life. Selfcare, Family, Friends, Career. In the right dose and order. Giving them the right priority. Balance results from staying connected to yourself, your inner self, your deepest self, which is yours and yours only.

So, how can I achieve the must desired Balance in my life?

Of course through the self-awareness process. And Connection with your true self. The inner and genuine version of yourself. Through the process of self-awareness, you learn to love and embrace yourself exactly as you are, keeping it intact! You learn your physical and mental bio-individuality.

Knowing our strengths and deescalating our weaknesses is a key element along the way. Following true self awareness, I start communicating first with myself and then with those around me, may they be beloved ones or just acquaintances. I build my relationships with other people. After all, man is a social being only when in close connection with other people. Loneliness is not a human characteristic even if solitude may often be a necessity for many of us!

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